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Procedures Available at our Brisbane Clinic/Surgery:

As a specialised practice, we are highly attuned to many of the medical and cosmetic needs of men. Whilst we focus on delivering pain-free circumcisions with local anaesthesia, our surgeons also provide a range of other male genital surgeries, cosmetic enhancement procedures, and implants. In some cases, more than one procedure can be undertaken at a time, reducing recovery time.

If you have been considering a particular procedure and would like to know more, we encourage you to make an appointment for a consultation with one of our surgeons. For parents of young children in need of surgical intervention, we provide a safe and welcoming environment for you to discuss your son's needs.


  • Clamp circumcisions for young children
  • Freehand circumcisions for adults and teens
  • Circumcisions for tight foreskin (phimosis)
  • Corrective surgeries for botched circumcisions

Other male genital surgery:

  • Removal of frenulum (frenulectomy)
  • Correction of penoscrotal web
  • Penile lengthening for short penis

Other male cosmetic enhancement procedures:

  • Male breast reduction
  • Pectoral implants

Implant surgery:

  • Pectoral and calf implants
  • Testicular Implants

No scar, no cuts hair transplant procedures for:

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