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Circumcision is a Surgical Procedure where Prepuce or Foreskin of the Penis is surgically removed, exposing the Glans or head of the Penis.
The procedure is probably as ancient as human civilisation and has been performed with many different techniques according to the age group.


Improved Hygiene, due to better cleaning of Malodorous and Irritating Smegma.
Prevention of Recurrent Infection, which could lead to Scaring and further tightening of the Foreskin (Phimosis).
Reduced risks of Sexually Transmitted Diseases such as HIV AIDS.
Much reduced risk of Penile Cancer and possibly Prostate Cancer.

Adult & Teen Circumcision

In Adults and Boys from 10 years and above a technique called Freehand Circumcision is used where the excess Foreskin is surgically removed and the skin edges are joined together with Dissolvable Stitches. Local Anaesthesia is given in the form an injection called Penile Block. This would make the whole Penis numb and the Operation is performed without any discomfort to the Patient. In some patients mild Sedation may be used to make the procedure more tolerable for them.


Your doctor will put a wrap up dressing on the operated part which should be left there for 24 hours and then removed. General cleanliness of the operated area and avoidance of excessive activity including heavy weight lifting are important factors for quick and satisfactory healing during the first two weeks after Circumcision Surgery. Antibiotics are usually prescribed for the first week after the Circumcision Procedure. Pain Killers may also be needed for the first 2 to 3 days.


Bleeding during the Operation is minimal and easily controlled. Troublesome Post Operative Bleeding is rare and only occasionally requires Hospital admission to stop it.

Bruising and Swelling of the Penis is common and settles within two to three weeks.

Wound Infection is uncommon but may affect Diabetics and people with compromised Immune Systems.

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